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Lydia Ding and Johnny Rudolph transcribe Nukuoro texts.

The Nukuoro Documentation Project began in 2015 when Johnny Rudolph, a Nukuoro community leader and historian, began working with Emily Drummond and Lydia Ding to document the Nukuoro language. Since then, we have recorded over 40 hours of stories and interviews, held two Nukuoro cultural workshops in Pohnpei, and created a Nukuoro collection in the archives at the Survey of California and Other Indigenous Languages. The project is now spearheaded by Johnny and Emily, and supported by many Nukuoro community members and undergraduate research apprentices at the University of California, Berkeley.

This work would not be possible without the support of the Nukuoro Municipal Government, the Island Research and Education Initiative (iREi), and dozens of Nukuoro community members: de abo donu laumalie i Betty Amon, Helen Amon, Curtis Charley, Ensela Charley, Andelise Fred, Cathy Gideon, Sigfrit Gideon, Harsbarger Hertin, Captain Princeton Johnny, Enna Lekka, Kodaro Lekka, Neynia Lekka, Cindy Lekka, Hasuko Leonard, Nucker Leopold, Tenny Leopold, Benjamin Ludwig, Reid Otto, Koisemy Rudolph, Baamala Charlie Sonden, Dagger Soulik, Edelina Soulik, and Inahia Steven. We would also like to thank the many Nukuoro speakers who contributed to earlier documentary materials, in particular Tobias Soulik, as well as Gininga, Leaba, Molia, and Otto

We would also like to thank undergraduate researchers Arielle Urquico, Stuart Litjen, Anjelica Ramos, Molly Pinder, and Cor Zanda for their help with processing, editing, and publishing Nukuoro language materials. Thank you!

The Nukuoro Documentation Project has received financial support from the following sources: