Carving today

Dinonga eidu sculpture presented during Nukuoro Cultural Day 2023, Pohnpei

In June 2023, the Cultural Artifacts Committee was created. The central concern was to discuss issues of restitution and provenance within the community and to enter into a dialogue about the future of carving and revitalization. The goal for the upcoming years is to increase Nukuoro engagement with museum collections in order to preserve and revitalize carving skills.

According to a survey conducted in June 2023 carving is considered "very important" to the Nukuoro Community (65.2%). The sculptures are seen as a "source of cultural identity" (75%) as well as a "representation of a former belief system" (55%) and an "art form" (45%). Twelve contemporary carvings could be located and documented on Pohnpei.

The Curriculum Committee is promoting the integration of carving into the school curriculum in the form of workshops.