Stories and interviews


Like many Polynesian cultures, Nukuoro has a rich storytelling tradition. Our goal is to record these stories so that they can be preserved and learned by future generations of Nukuoro children.

The stories from the 1960s were recorded with speakers on Nukuoro Atoll by Raymonde Carroll, an anthropologist from the University of Michigan, in the spring of 1966. These stories were later published in a book called Nukuoro Stories (Carroll 1980), which is available in the Resources tab. While the stories were recorded on reel-to-reel tapes, we currently only have access to the written versions of these stories.

The modern stories available here were recorded with speakers on Nukuoro Atoll or in Pohnpei from 2015-present.  Some were recorded by members of the Nukuoro Documentation Initiative, while others were recorded by Takuya Nagaoka of NGO Pasifika Renaissance. We are currently working to make transcriptions of these stories available.


This page also contains several interviews with Nukuoro speakers, who discuss their views on language, culture, and changes that are affecting the Nukuoro community today. Some of these interviews also include information about Nukuoro history and culture, such as excerpts from traditional stories, descriptions of how to fish, weave, and play games, and memories from childhood.