This page provides access to a handful of Nukuoro materials which are available as PDFs:

Some materials are not available here, including the detailed Nukuoro lexicon compiled by Vern Carroll and Tobias Soulik. We have integrated much of the lexicon into the online Nukuoro Living Dictionary.

Nukuoro stories

Raymonde Carroll and Tobias Soulik 1980

A collection of Nukuoro traditional stories recorded by Vern and Raymonde Carroll during their stay on Nukuoro Atoll in 1966, and painstakingly edited by Tobias Soulik. Contains 325 individual texts, 280 of which are distinct stories. All are presented in Nukuoro without translations.

Nukuoro Stories.pdf

Contributions to the knowledge about the Nukuoro or Monteverde Islands

Johann Stanislaus Kubary 1900

Translated into English by Peter Strantford in 2019

Kubary's description of Nukuoro Atoll from his visits in 1873 and 1877, including notes on culture, language, environment, physiology, and mythology and storytelling.


History of the Nukuoro Islanders

Carl Jeschke  1913

Translated into English in 2013

Jeschke's description of Nukuoro Atoll from his visit during 1910 and 1913, including maps, stories about the origins of Nukuoro, and traditional chants about chiefs, fish, shells, plants, and more.

Jeschke 1913 [2013] History of the Nukuoro Islanders.pdf

German sources on Nukuoro and the ancestor statues

Hilke Theode-Arora 2013

A description of the history of German visitors to Nukuoro Atoll, focusing on Johannes Kubary, Carl Jeschke, and the Hamburg South Sea expedition. Summarizes the information contained in their writings, which includes cultural information, maps, chants, and other material.

Theode-Arora 2013 German sources on Nukuoro and the ancestor statues.pdf

Place names on Nukuoro Atoll

Vern Carroll 1963

A bulletin describing the geography of Nukuoro Atoll, the names for each islet, and how it corresponds to the mnemonic chant for the islets, as well as other names that have been reported in published resources and maps.

Carroll 1963 Place names on Nukuoro Atoll.pdf

Pohnpei studies reader: Nukuoro history

Takuya Nagaoka 2021

A Nukuoro history reader written in Nukuoro, developed by the Pohnpei Municipal Government in collaboration with NGO Pasifika Renaissance and several Nukuoro community members.

Nukuoro History Reader.pdf